Why Eco-Friendly Plastics

What makes our eco friendly plastics better for the environment?

It's a lot like a healthy recipe: to understand what's good for you, you have to understand the ingredients. Our eco friendly plastics range is no different - it's the ingredients inside that makes the difference to our outside. Take a look below.

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Plant Based products

Plant based plastics

These bioplastics are typically made from plant starches such as corn or potatoes. The theory behind them is simple. The more natural and kinder the source the plastic is made from, the easier it will be to break down. Plus, as a natural source, the carbon dioxide has already been produced, so 70% less greenhouse gases when they biodegrade.

Palm Leaf Based Products

Palm leaf based products

These natural and commercially compostable products are made from the fallen leaves of palm trees. The process is quite natural too: the leaves are collected, soaked in water and transformed into products like biodegradable tableware. Among being very strong and durable they often hold a unique and, some may say, quite beautiful appearance, making them a popular product choice.

Sugar Cane Based Prodcuts

Sugarcane based products

Derived from the waste of sugarcane syrup, also known as, sugar bagasse, it is a perfect, renewable source, for products like tableware. Sugar bagasse based products are heat resistant and microwave proof- They can even be naturally disposed of, by taking them to a commercial composter, instead of less eco-friendly landfill sites.

Eco-Friendly Commitment

Our eco-friendly commitment

So what does ‘eco friendly’ really mean? Put simply, the term describes a product that is not harmful to the environment. As we have shown, it can get more complicated than that and does require you to physically recycle. However, to us, providing a cost effective, eco friendly alternative product is important. Our eco friendly glasses are all naturally sourced and virtually smash proof. We are committed to be true to the environment and to you.

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