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Promotional Plastic Glasses & Printing Effects

Our bespoke printing and branding service offers a fast, flexible and low cost way to achieve maximum marketing impact from promotional plastic glasses, paper cups and much more. With our high volumes of stock and short print lead times we are perfectly placed to meet your needs.

Bespoke Printing and Branding Service

Over 95% of our products can be printed on (not just plastic cups and glasses) and as long as there is a large enough flat surface pretty much anything can be achieved.

From a one colour print to a full colour detailed effect on one or both sides of a paper cup, plate or plastic glass, we can help.

Customers sometimes ask if they can get an engraved or frosted look on a plastic glass. While it is not possible to get plastic glasses engraved, it is possible to achieve a very attractive and reasonable facsimile of a frost look by printing a good design in translucent white ink.

So whatever your requirement, we have the resources, experience and expertise to help you through the process from begining to end. For further information about this service or to get a quote, please get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

Screen Printing for Promotional Plastic Glasses

Screen printing involves the clever use of ink and a squeegee. It is also known as silkscreen, serigraphy, and serigraph printing. In order to achieve multiple colour prints using this technique a number of screens are used. Screen printing is good for delivering solid blocks of colour but is not recommended for designs containing finer details.

Pad Printing for Branded Plastic Glasses

Pad printing is a printing process that can transfer a flat image onto a 3d object. This makes it a perfect technique for printing brands onto the curved surface of a plastic cup or glass.

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