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Plastic Glasses Compared

Among the most common questions asked about our products are those about the differences in quality between our disposable, reusable and virtually unbreakable plastic glasses.

Plastic Explained

The decision about which plastic glass is best for you will be based on a number of factors including your budget, the intended usage, volumes required and ecological considerations like methods of recycling as well as aestetics and the quality or 'feel' of the glass.

This page offers a simple overview of the main differences in quality between our drinking glasses to help you with your decision. For further help please contact customer services and we will be happy to advise you.

Disposable Plastic Glasses

A disposable plastic glass is designed to be used once and then recycled. They are generally made from thinner polystyrene or polypropylene and can feel quite flexible in the hand. This doesn't mean they have to be low quality though. All of our disposable plastic drinkware is of the highest quality and definately fit for purpose.

Reusable Plastic Glasses

A reusable plastic glass is thicker walled and generally has a much sturdier feel. They can also be washed. In fact, many items in our reusable ranges are even dishwasher safe. Made from Polystyrene or SAN, these are good quality strong glasses but they will break if enough pressure is applied to them. They also start to become more brittle after repeated wash cycles.

Virtually Unbreakable Plastic Glasses

For a fully reusable long lasting plastic glass Polycarbonate is the material of choice. It is virtually unbreakable. Polycarbonate plastic glasses can last for many dishwasher cycles before seeing any problems and are a great substitute for real glass.

Often used in bars and clubs where a safe alternative to glass is required, our range of virtually unbreakable plastic glasses are CE marked to line or rim and government stamped for compliance with UK licensing laws.

While not all of these glasses are scratch proof (and so require a non-abrasive cloth for drying), they are a safe and completely viable replacement for traditional glass. You can learn more about these glasses on our licensed trade page.

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