Proud sponsors of British Sky diving team

Proud sponsors of British Sky diving team

A massive congratulations to Perpetual Chaos who came second for the rookie formation Skydiving 4-Way in the British open 4-way nationals 2014! We feel honoured to have been sponsoring the team throughout this exciting competition so far!

Perpetual Chaos were formed at the beginning of this years to compete in the 2014 season of 4-Way Formation Skydiving - Rookie Category. The original team consisted of: Dawn Adams, Kai Bedford, Chris Dodds and Richard Moulton - with Kye Bromley as camera flyer. We all had various levels of skydiving experience ranging from 80 to 800 jumps, however none of us had ever taken part in 4-way, let alone at competition level! There are four 'categories' at competition level: Rookie, A, AA, and AAA. Typically teams start in Rookie, and if they finish the season at a high position, they move up to the A category, and so-on. The AAA teams are among the best skydivers in the world (usually with thousands of skydives!)

The rules of the competition are that 4 skydivers plus camera exit the aircraft at 10,500ft and have exactly 35 seconds to build as many pre-determined formations as possible. Formations are drawn at the beginning of each competition, so every team in the same category completes the same dive for each round. Depending on the competition, between 6 and 10 rounds are completed. Typically three formations are drawn for each round, and these are performed in sequence as many times over as possible. The camera footage is then submitted to the judges for scoring. One point is awarded for every complete formation. If a formation is not fully built, not fully separated afterwards, or performed out of sequence then the point is 'bust' and points are lost.

‘’We started the season by entering the UK Skydiving League (UKSL) which consists of four competitions. The fourth and final competition of the league is the UK National Skydiving Championships (Nationals), which is the largest formation skydiving competition in the world, which this year consisted of over 70 teams (21 of which were in our category).
At the end of the league, we have attained two gold medals, and two silver medals (including silver in the Nationals) - which meant that we finished off with an overall gold medal for the entire UKSL! This earned us a place to compete in the European Skydiving League (ESL) finals, where we will compete against some of the best Rookie teams in Europe this weekend!
It hasn't been plain sailing though - In September, after only the first two competitions, our team almost came to an end when Kai broke his ankle during a particularly nasty landing. Thankfully, we were able to enlist Laura James to step in for the remainder of the season. Laura is an exceptionally talented flyer who has coached and helped shape Perpetual Chaos into an even better team!

We are delighted to have the support of Party Plastics as our official sponsors, and look forward to this successful partnership continuing into the upcoming seasons!’’

Continued.. European Skydiving League Finals:

So Perpetual Chaos took a road trip down to Teuge in the Netherlands to compete in the European Skydiving League Finals on the 19th-20th September. They were representing Team GB in the Rookie category, competing alongside three other team GB teams, one in AAA, and two in AA. The competition should have been completed over 10 rounds but the weather was far from ideal, meaning they finished the competition after 8 rounds. Perpetual Chaos won Gold with a final score of 85 - beating the silver medallists by a whopping 15 points!

Other Team GB teammates also did us proud and we collectively finished the competition by winning two Golds, one Bronze and a fifth place. These results meant that Team GB scored more points than any other country, including the hosts who entered nine teams into the competition! By winning the most points of the competition, Team GB brought the highly coveted ‘ESL Spirit’ a trophy in the form of a huge sword - and the right to host next year’s ESL finals in the UK! Chris Dodds says “It was an honour being part of it!”

So that concludes the first season! Bring on next year when Perpetual Chaos move up into A category!

Video of the live-scored footage of the Nationals can be found here: https://vimeo.com/106095826

Team page on the Skydiving League can be found here: http://ww1.skyleague.com/pages/teams/showTeam.php?team=140227

Scores for the entire league are here: http://ww1.skyleague.com/pages/dzs/showDZ.php?dz=86&league=34 (please note the competition on the 3rd August was an unofficial event which they did not compete in).

Article Date: 10/09/2014

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