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Event Management and Venues

We supply millions of high quality plastic glasses to event management companies and venues every year. From museums, theatres and art galleries to trade shows, exhibitions, festivals, concert halls and stadiums - we have supplied them all.


For over 30 years our clients have relied on us to source and supply high volume orders on time and on budget. Whether you are planning ahead or preparing for a last minute event, our high stock volumes and low tiered pricing structures make us perfectly positioned to fulfil any order.

From virtually unbreakable plastic pint glasses that look and feel like real glass, to half pints, tumblers, wine glasses, shot glasses, cocktail glasses, hi-balls, champagne flutes, paper cups, sampling pots and plastic jugs - we stock it all. We even have the plastic lids, straws, napkins and tableware to go with them.

But it's not just drinkware - our comprehensive ranges of disposable and reusable barware and catering products - including cutlery, plates, bowls, paper cups, napkins, tableware and bar accessories - mean we've got your event covered.

With fast, reliable and flexible courier options we can get you the products you want in the volumes you need, quickly and at a price you will be happy to pay. Most bulk orders can be with you in 24-48 hours but if even that isn't fast enough - just give us a call and we will arrange something amazing.

Printing & Branding Service

Over 95% of our products can be printed with a company logo, image or marketing message - and not just our glasses. For full details about this bespoke service visit our printing & brannding page.

European Service

We are happy to supply bulk orders to European customers. Read more...

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