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Eco Friendly Compostable Disposable Sample Cups And Food Pots & Dishes

Our eco friendly compostable disposable sample cups and food pots and dishes are available in bulk volumes and is suitable for events, bars, pubs, restaurants, takeaway services, festivals and hospitality businesses.

Our sampling pots are perfect for serving dipping sauces, sampling your food or serving nuts or other appetisers - they are perfect for all sorts of foods!

With large stocks available at low prices. we can rapidly supply you the highest disposable tableware your business needs.

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Disposable white paper soufflé pot made from sustainable forest sources with a low carbon footpri...

From less than £93.00 (inc) per box 5000

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30ml PET shot glasses. Perfect for outdoor events as they keep their shape and will not break. Al...

From £87.59 (inc) per box 5000

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